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Mental Health Care Plan

Are you experiencing any mind health issues.  Anxiety, depression, mood instability, lack of concentration, just to name a few of the more obvious mental health concerns.  It may be possible for you to access support through a Mental Health Care Plan.

To be assessed, you simply need to make an appointment with your GP.  Dr Chris Cameron of Outreach Doctors is able to guide you on your eligibility of a Mental Health Care Plan & assist you with accessing the service.

The process is quite simple, and non-invasive.  It involves a confidential conversation with your GP, and they will determine a mental health condition.  This condition would benefit from a psychologist, social worker or/and an occupational therapist to help you live your best life.

There are no boundaries on the level of a diagnosis, or seriousness of a condition.  Nor are their limits based on the length of time you have lived with a mental health issue or if it is a point in time you require assistance.

The very first step is to ask for help, contact your GP or Outreach Doctors to find out more.  We will gladly take the time to explain the process with you to ensure understanding.

How to get in touch with Outreach Doctors – simply call or send an online message through our website contact form.