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Grateful Community Donation

Kindness breeds kindness.

Outreach Doctors helps the community daily with providing a range of health care services to the Fraser Coast community.  And with the outreach model, sometimes we are fortunate enough to be welcomed into patient’s homes.  It can be just by chance that we notice an obvious need or an opportunity to make life more dignified, or comfortable.  Or just provide  an item or service to improve the client and their families quality of life.

We find ourselves in a unique trusting position to help our community.    So when when we recently received a phone call from a family offering a donation of an electric lift reclining armchair, we jumped into action to collect.  We are grateful for the family seeking out Outreach Doctors to re-home this chair we have affectionately named “Chucky”.  

Since rehoming Chucky, we have also had the opportunity to rehome a fridge and other items of furniture.  All going to needy homes, where clients have not had the ability to organise assistance or items to make their lives just a little better.

If you have a piece furniture, or an appliance, a mobility aid or even a blanket.  We welcome you to connect with us.  We discreetly & strictly confidentially pass on the items to Outreach patients in need.